Are You Taking Advantage of These 4 New Updates to Engagor?

By: Sofie De Beule

December 1, 2014

Our users really loved our series of blog posts on the cool, new updates to Engagor. Our awesome Development team works hard to make sure our platform remains state-of-the-art. Are you ready for these 4 new updates?

1. New Options to Hide/Block Users And Delete Mentions From Facebook Page

Are people spamming your Facebook pages? Are they using rude and offensive language?

In some cases, you have to hide/block users or delete posts from your Facebook pages. This was already possible in the past, but we now have made it a bit more straightforward to help you save more time managing your Facebook presence.

Engagor allows our users to hide or delete comments or block users from their Facebook Page. Before, this option was available when selecting deleting a certain post from Engagor (check the visual above). Now you can hide/delete/block posts and users from without deleting them from Engagor. This means you can keep them neatly archived in Engagor and perform the necessary actions on your Facebook Page at the same time.

2. Export to Excel, Excel 2007 & CSV in The New Insights

At the end of the year, a lot of our customers highly benefit from the extensive reporting options in Engagor and often they are in a rush to collect a straightforward overview of the past year’s social media performance. To make sure you’re able to create these reports in our new Insights as well, we have made exporting available to Excel, Excel 2007 and CSV.

To access these exports, simply click the drop-down menu in the top right corner of our Insights section. In just seconds, the right report will be sent to you by mail. The full exporting feature is of course still available in the old Insights. PDF export is coming soon!

3. Unlock Analytics For Mailboxes And Smart Folders at a Glance

Are you taking full advantage of our Mailboxes?

At Engagor, we really focus on providing in-depth analytics at a glance and organizing your data effortlessly. That’s why a lot of users benefit from Mailboxes to structure the data they are pulling in. To benefit even more from Mailboxes and Smart Folders, you can now filter your Insights on a specific Mailbox or Smart Folder by selecting the mailbox icon in the top right corner of our new Insights and in Team Performance (available for Professional and Enterprise accounts).
Filter your data on a specific Mailbox or Smart Folder to discover:
  • the sentiment of customer service-related mentions in your Customer Service Mailbox
  • the reach of mentions in a dedicated Smart Folder for a new marketing campaign
  • and much more!

4. Upload Pictures to Google+

To help you ace with visual content on Google+, you can now upload a picture on Google+ in Engagor directly from your computer by clicking in the left bottom corner when publishing or scheduling a new post.

Do you have any new ideas to improve our product? Don’t hesitate to let us know, and post your new idea on Engagor Ideas! Thanks for your support!