Ask These 3 Questions to Define a Seamless Customer Experience

By: The Clarabridge Team

August 2, 2017

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Customer experience is the sum of all interactions, between a company and their customer over the course of their relationship. Often overlooked, Social Media plays a huge roll in customer experience.

An overarching customer experience strategy should take into account social media engagement and initiatives. Inversely, social media initiatives should feed directly from the customer experience strategy. And arguably, social should be one of the highest priorities in terms of customer experience as it is the most public interaction your brand will have with customers.

Keeping this in mind, here are three questions you need to ask yourself as you work to design seamless customer experiences.

How would we describe the current customer experience with us?

What type of experience does your company strive to provide for customers? Which points of friction are your team familiar with? Taking stock of your company’s current understanding of the customer experience is the first step.

How would the customer define their current experience with us?

Listen to what people are saying and identify themes and trends at varying stages in the journey. With the right social listening tools at the ready, you’ll be equipped to understand the real conversations that people are having about you on social media, even when your name isn’t mentioned. With these metrics, you’ll be able to break down trends in friction, overall sentiment, and further, break that down by customer profile.

What’s the difference?

Map the business’s understanding of customer experience against the customer’s understanding of the experience and do what I call a gap analysis to understand the difference. Perhaps your business prides itself on fast shipping and you realize that customers feel as though they have to wait too long to receive their package. Or, maybe you promise great customer service, and customers consistently complain about interactions with the customer car department. It doesn’t all have to be negative though. Where are you excelling? Customers will often talk about this on social as well, and this information is feedback gold in terms of building a comprehensive strategy around customer experience.

How well have you been able to define the customer’s experience via social at your organization? Take our free Clarabridge Engage Grader to see how well you stack up to the competition today.