Can You Deliver Great Customer Experience with a Bad Product?

By: Sofie De Beule

March 25, 2016

customer experience

You try to excel in every part of your business, but the reality is that your competitors will probably outdo you in some areas. But what happens if your problem is your product? Can you still deliver a great customer experience?

Not only is it possible, it’s critical. If your product is flawed, your best chance to win is to provide an engaging, personal customer experience. Emphasize your strengths, figure out what customers want, and show that you’re trying to provide it—and you’ll win customers who connect with your brand and, just maybe, can overlook your weaknesses.

We’ve put together some tips for delighting your customers despite your product shortcomings over on the Clarabridge Engagor blog. Check out “How to Deliver a Great Customer Experience if your Product Sucks.”


Sofie De Beule is Content Marketing Specialist at Clarabridge. She helps establish Clarabridge as a thought leader for Social Customer Service and Customer Experience. Sofie’s an Engagor expert,  Clarabridge’s best-in-class social customer service solution, inspiring brands on how to manage and get their social customer service program off the ground. Sofie holds a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations & International Marketing from Artevelde University College Ghent.