[Case Study] How Cotswold Outdoor Effortlessly Manages 60+ Local and Global Social Media Profiles

By: Sofie De Beule

January 22, 2015

What if you’re managing more than 60 social media profiles at once? How can you make sure your brand smoothly manages this process and maintains a complete overview of their brand at all times?

In this new case study, we are excited to share the social media success story of UK-based retailer, Cotswold Outdoor. The inspiring brand sells more than 250 brands in the outdoor clothing and equipment industry. With the help of Engagor, Cotswold Outdoor is able to manage more than 60 local and global social media profiles. Engagor’s custom, cross-channel view has given the brand the opportunity to manage every piece of their social media presence from just one place.

In 2009, the Cotswold Outdoor marketing department launched the brand on social media as a means to inspire and connect with users nationwide that are passionate about the outdoors. Five years later, in 2014, while celebrating their 40th birthday, they started using Engagor. From day one, they are used our platform primarily to optimize their social customer service workflow, publish content on their social channels, and measure their performance by working in a unified inbox.

Download our Cotswold Outdoor case study, and discover more about how to:

  • Forge close relationships with your customers with the help of local social media accounts.
  • Maintain a complete, comprehensive overview of your entire social media presence.
  • Smoothly manage the customer service workflow with tags, and create relevant campaign and competitor reports.