Catch Up: 5 Recent Updates to Our Engagor Platform

Engagor dashboard screenshot

By: Sofie De Beule

August 4, 2015


Are you ready for some new, small Engagor updates that will make working in our tool even more convenient?

Beyond investing a lot of time in working on our bigger features, catch up on some of the features our Development team has been working on these last few weeks – stay tuned for more updates in the future.

1. Publisher: Visually Check If Note is Added to Post

When working in our Publisher to publish new content, users often add notes to actual posts (whether it’s a draft, scheduled post, or a post that has already been published) to give more context about a mention you want to publish on your social media profiles. To make sure these notes pop out even more, we tweaked the design a little so you’ll notice right away if there’s a note attached to the post.

2. Edits to Automation Recipes Now Included in Account Settings > History

In a continuous effort to log the account activity for you to check in the Account History, beyond creating an Automation Recipe, you can now check edits to automations in Account Settings > History.

Not sure how Automations can benefit you, or just need a quick recap on the possibilities? Check our dedicated support article.

3. We Now Show Old Mention Value When Changing Type/Language/Country/Sentiment/Category

When changing the type, language, country, sentiment, or category of a specific mention, we now show you the old mention value vs. the new mention value. For example, when we pull in a mention with language ‘Dutch’ and you want to set it to ‘French’, we now show you in the mention history ‘language set from Dutch to French’. This will allow you to check even better track changes to mentions and gives immediate context to the actions performed on a mention.

4. Dashboard Email Reports Now Include Link to Actual Dashboard

When setting up your account, users often create dashboards to be able to display a specific data set, tailored to their brand’s needs – beyond the standard analytics we offer in our Insights section. All of these dashboard can be created into reports and sent to you by email (e.g. on a daily/weekly basis).

As of now, when you receive a dashboard report, in addition to the generated PDF or Excel document and report settings, you now also get a link to the dashboard itself in the dashboard email report. This allows you to check the dashboard right away to, for example, instantly tweak it.

5. Smart Delete “Old” Mentions When Tweaking Your Keyword Setup

When making changes to your keyword setup to ensure you’re still tracking relevant data, you can now perform a Smart Delete to instantly delete the mentions that no longer match your current keyword setup. Get rid of ‘old’ mentions that are still in your inbox with just one click with the Smart Delete button.

Do you have a great idea to improve our product? Don’t hesitate to drop your idea on Engagor Ideas!

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