Clarabridge 6.1 Driving Simplicity in a Noisy World

By: Clarabridge Team

November 19, 2013

By:  Melissa Pippine

Happy Tuesday, November 19th!  Today marks the beginning of a new era in CEM. I for one am thrilled, excited and proud. I am titling it “The Era of CEM Simplicity and Transparency.”

There is no denying that CEM has emerged as a “hot trend” over the last few years.  Every software or services vendor that does a tiny portion of Customer Experience Management (CEM) is claiming to be a full suite CEM solution. When you pull back the covers, most of them are just survey vendors, social listening devices or structured data analysis point-click solutions that can’t support an enterprise CEM vision but sure have been disruptive enough to confuse the market. I’ve been in this industry for six years and I sometimes struggle to make sense of it all.

We at Clarabridge have been thinking about how to clarify this market, our place in it and what we think it takes for enterprises to be successful. So, we decided to stand up and do something about it; not only in our marketing and messaging but in our products and in the way in which we do business with our customers.

We launched Clarabridge 6.1 today and with it complete transparency in our packages and pricing. So transparent, we put them on our website – right up front; not buried behind a “Contact Us” form or a phone call. We have even listed our packaged offerings including the details of our Client Success Packages. We at Clarabridge believe that it must be easier to understand what a full CEM hub solution is, what you can expect from working with us and how much it costs. While it’s a risk, it’s one we’re proud to take. Everyone deserves this level of detail and transparency.

We also incorporated “simplifying CEM” into our product suite.  We rolled our Clarabridge Collaborate and Clarabridge Engage offerings into one easy to use application, Clarabridge Act.  With Act, business users can measure the “health” of their corner of the business, whether that’s a location, product or business line with a brand new scorecard and health index. They can collaborate and share reports with other team members, and engage directly with the end customers to close the loop at the touch of a button. We have also made the power of Clarabridge available on mobile devices, in the palm of your hand with Clarabridge Go – available now on the app store and on Google play.

Business users are busy people. They need to spend their days doing their job and minutes understanding the voice of their customers and acting on it. And they need to do it wherever they are in real-time. So now, Clarabridge offers 2 products – Clarabridge Analyze for our power analysts and Clarabridge Act for the business user with Clarabridge Go being our mobile support of those key functions. Again, simplifying what’s necessary to listen, analyze, act and measure on the voice of the customer.

And what would a Clarabridge release be without new features? We made it easier to listen to more data by welcoming OpinionLabs and Lithium to our Clarabridge Connect ecosystem. We have completely taken sentiment analysis to the next level by enabling users to tune sentiment by source, product, campaign, you name it. And we continue to drive social intelligence by delivering the industry leader in content identification.

So, that’s it. We’re standing up to make every aspect of CEM intelligent, simple and transparent and we hope it benefits each and every one of you. Feel free to comment here or reach out to me on twitter and let me know your thoughts.