Clarabridge Integrates With Microsoft To Drive Action On Customer Feedback


By: Clarabridge Team

October 20, 2020

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The customer journey spans a multitude of interaction channels. At each touchpoint, massive volumes of information about customer loyalty, effort, and quality of service are accumulated through surveys, transaction records, phone and digital conversations, and public reviews. It’s a wealth of data available to any organization with a desire to understand and fix the root cause of customer experience issues. Unfortunately, the full analytics potential of this data often lies untapped because it exists in departmental silos or in an unstructured format that is difficult to understand.

Through Microsoft’s Business Applications ISV Connect program, Microsoft and Clarabridge are partnering to provide an integrated solution that addresses these concerns and more. Quick responses to negative customer experiences save time and translate to greater efficiency across your organization and increased customer lifetime value. Clarabridge brings best-in-class speech and text analytics to Dynamics 365 and Dynamics 365 Customer Voice to create omnichannel analysis of all customer feedback in order to close the loop with customers. All sources of customer feedback – including Dynamics 365 Customer Voice – are ingested into Clarabridge and analyzed using Clarabridge’s advanced natural language understanding (NLU) AI engine. Clarabridge then scores effort, sentiment, and emotion, which allows organizations to quickly discover points of friction along the customer journey. By providing a two-way integration, cases can be created based off key indicators of customer churn, compliance issues, or emerging complaints, which can be integrated into Dynamics 365. Stakeholders are automatically alerted so organizations can respond swiftly to problems and foster stronger customer relationships.

“We’re very excited for our quickly growing integration with Microsoft because together we can now provide customers with a full end-to-end solution for growing their customer experience maturity, strategy, and teams,” said Eric Din, Clarabridge Vice President of Global Alliances and Strategy, “We help organizations collect surveys through Customer Voice, automatically analyze them along with hundreds of other customer feedback sources through Clarabridge analytics, and then close-the-loop with customers by leveraging Dynamics 365 for next best actions. It’s a complete solution that drives customer loyalty and measurable cost and risk reduction.”

Clarabridge is Proud to be a Microsoft Partner with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Customer Voice
Dynamics 365, Microsoft’s set of intelligent business applications, is used by organizations around the world to drive results with far reaching sectors from government, financial services, education, healthcare, and more. Powerful applications from sales, marketing, commerce, and more come together to deliver greater results and efficiency through predictive, AI-driven insights. Dynamics 365 Customer Voice gathers and tracks customer metrics based on survey data, enabling users to rapidly act as insights surface. Clarabridge has 12 years of experience in natural language understanding and AI-based text analytics that has led to an unrivaled engine for customer experience analytics across more than 150 verticals. Clarabridge has become an award-winning, industry-leader in the AI-powered text analytics market. Microsoft and Clarabridge combine these years of experience and deep industry expertise to generate real insights into the customer journey so that organizations can confidently make better-informed customer engagement decisions.

Integration, Insights, and Closing the Loop on Customer Feedback
The fully-integrated solution between Clarabridge and Microsoft takes deep insights and makes them available for issue tracking, aggregated reporting, and close loop case management in Microsoft Dynamics 365. Dynamics 365 also allows for seamless use with other Microsoft applications to further optimize, automatize, and coordinate follow-up action with Microsoft Power Platform; Power Automate, Power BI, Power Apps, and more.

The combination of Microsoft and Clarabridge will be a game-changer for the CX market that combines expertise and experience into a solution that delivers greater efficiency, improved customer experiences, and increased cooperation in organizations.

If this sounds interesting to you or your organization, check out our partner page to watch a video on our integration in more detail or request a demo.