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By: Aimee Larrain

January 14, 2021

Talent & Culture

At Clarabridge we put immense value in the art of career growth and development for our employees. Luckily, many college graduates also rank opportunity for growth and development at the top of their list when selecting their first roles out of university. We could not agree more, companies who possess a clear path for upward mobility and success are an obvious choice to take that giant leap of faith to start creating change.

Clarabridge is more than fortunate to have the best of the bunch when it comes to college graduates. We are thrilled to feature some our employees who have shared their knowledge, uniqueness in skill and have added to our amazing culture. Below they highlight their own experiences and what drew them to Clarabridge.

Hala, Engagement Manager

After graduating from University of Virginia, I moved back in with my parents and joined an early-stage SaaS startup in the Middle East. I was looking to move to a new, vibrant city with larger career growth potential and had my eyes set on London. I knew I wanted to stay in tech but wasn’t sure what employers to go for.

At the time, it seemed if you went to a good school, the “right thing to do” was to join a large-scale, reputable consulting firm. I applied to a couple of the best consultancies for technology, one of the “Big Four” and one of the “Big Three”. While I was in London for a final stage interview, I ran into a friend from college who mentioned Clarabridge was hiring.  Long story short, I turned down the other offer, and here I am – a “big five” years and a “big four” different Clarabridge job titles later – proud to be here; part of a truly dynamic, fast-paced company where vertical and horizontal progression come frequently… If you’re willing to get creative and work for it.

Question: What is your most interesting job pre-Clarabridge?

Answer: Before Clarabridge, the early-stage startup I worked for was so early-stage that I was the second out of two employees (working with two partners for a total of four employees). This means I was every department: door-to-door sales, software QA manager, HR, marketing, IT, the cleaner, the designated coffee-maker; any and all hats involved!

Lindsay, Junior Product Marketing Manager

I am originally from Raleigh, N.C. and graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a B.A. in Media and Journalism. My background studying public relations and entrepreneurship helped me discover a passion for constructing compelling arguments and developing data-driven initiatives that turn strategic visions into tangible results. My desire to apply these skills and work in the innovative technology space led me to Clarabridge where it has strengthened my knowledge of the Clarabridge product and allowed me to take on many responsibilities such as developing product marketing strategies, designing marketing campaigns and driving sales enablement efforts.

Q: If you could switch jobs with anyone at Clarabridge, who would it be and why?

A: In my role as a product marketer, I work as a liaison between sales, product and marketing. I love the part of my job that tasks me with identifying the root cause of an issue and developing a creative solution to genuinely improve a process or achieve a particular objective. It would be an intriguing learning opportunity to face a similar challenge on a company-wide scale and experience day-to-day operations from the perspective of our CEO who must consistently apply deep knowledge of business strategy and the company’s goals to abstract ideas and situations across departments.

Sandesh, Software Engineer

I came to know of Clarabridge through a Career Fair at the University of Virginia during my last semester at grad school. It caught my eye because it promised to offer a perfect amalgamation of what I pictured my professional life to involve – technology, culture and waffles. My interactions with members of the Clarabridge family made it easier to relate to the kind of environment I’d be in and that excited me. Even to this date, I feel like Clarabridge has offered me that and more. I’ve been part of the NLP team at Clarabridge for over two years now and I’ve enjoyed every single day. It’s invigorating to be surrounded by brilliant minds whilst nurturing an environment of learning, inventing, implementing and innovating across all verticals that Clarabridge operates in.

Q: What three words describe Clarabridge?

A: Technology, Culture and Waffles!

Vidhi, Associate Data Scientist

I first heard about Clarabridge when their team pitched a Capstone project idea in front of my cohort at University of Virginia, and I must say, I was so intrigued by their business model and the service they were providing that I immediately decided I wanted to be a part of their Capstone Team. While working on the capstone I became more and more familiar with the work culture and enjoyed collaborating with the employees. I secretly wished to join in as a full-time employee after graduation; but unfortunately, before I could make my move, COVID-19 made his. Despite the unforeseen circumstances Clarabridge offered me an internship which gave me the chance to interact with multiple employees and the larger NLP team. Today, I am really glad that I was able to prove myself and be a part of this organization full-time. What I have loved most about my time here is how welcoming everyone has been and the opportunity one gets to grow and learn; I never felt as if I did not belong here in spite of the remote working conditions and even though I am a new graduate hire I have had several opportunities to propose ideas and have had the freedom to try out different approaches.

Q: If Clarabridge was a color, what would it be?

A: I have always associated the color blue with Clarabridge because of the logo and the theme of the website in general

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Aimee Larrain is the Manager of Talent Acquisition and has been hiring top talent for Clarabridge for over six years. A graduate of Southern Illinois University, Aimee is a mid-western transplant passionate about all things hiring and family. Her shift from healthcare public relations and four years of prior recruiting experience led her to Clarabridge where she has piloted initiatives for college recruiting and intern programs, partnered with leaders to create short and long-term hiring strategies, and continues to drive brand and employee culture awareness.