Clarabridge Recognized for Industry Leading Customer Experience Innovation

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By: Fabrice Martin

May 28, 2019

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Following our eleventh annual C3 North America Conference last month, Clarabridge has been recognized by a host of prominent organizations for its ground-breaking technology and impact on the world’s leading brands.

In the last three months, Clarabridge has been named:

This recognition is a true testament to the hard work and devotion of our team to deliver customer experience solutions that drive the bottom line for businesses.

Each award has its own set of unique qualifications, but they all point to the same theme: Clarabridge amplifies the Voice of the Customer (VoC), wherever and however it is expressed, and delivers powerful, operational insights to businesses. By operationalizing feedback across the enterprise, providing world-class  analytics, and creating a truly omni-channel customer experience management solution, Clarabridge is setting itself apart as a leader in the industry.

Our platform analyzes customer feedback and interactions on every communication channel including social networks, messaging platforms, and the contact center while delivering sophisticated, actionable insights to brands. As the  CRM Service Awards state, our ability to combine text analytics with speech analytics to provide real interaction analytics is what elevates us above other vendors in our space. Our technology allows businesses to understand topics, sentiment, effort, emotion and intent at scale while identifying the impact of these key factors on customer loyalty.

We recently announced several game-changing product updates including Predictive Reason Detection, Automated Interaction Scoring, Clarabridge Pulse and Advanced Emotion Detection that solidify our innovation and leadership position. Leveraging our best-in-class NLP, Predictive Reason Detection gives businesses an understanding of why customers initiate conversations so they can decrease contact center traffic, reduce interaction length and illuminate drivers of churn. With our new mobile app, Clarabridge Pulse, every employee will have quick, on-the-go access to customer feedback data to truly operationalize insights.

These award nominations add to our growing number of accomplishments. In 2018, Forrester named Clarabridge a leader in Customer Feedback Management Platforms, a leader in AI-based Text Analytics and a strong performer in AI-fueled Speech Analytics. We were also honored to win the AIConics Best Innovation in NLP award last year.   

We are incredibly proud of our world-class team and you won’t catch us slowing down anytime soon. We plan to continue disrupting our space by building the most sophisticated AI-powered customer experience analytics and engagement solutions, always with the same passion and focus on delivering exceptional results to our customers.