Clarabridge speaks your language—whatever that may be

By: Lisa Sigler

August 9, 2016

Clarabridge takes language seriously.  That’s one reason we were named a leader in the Forrester Research, Inc. May 2016 report, The Forrester Wave™ Big Data Text Analytics Platforms, Q2 2016. We have always devoted time and resources to improving our text analytics capabilities, because we believe that text analytics is the basis of an outstanding customer experience management program.

And we believe that’s true even if the text you need to analyze is not in English.

You see, Clarabridge can process any language. Support includes:

Categorization of text: Finding the frequency and the relationship of words, phrases, and concepts reveals trends and common topics.

Sentiment analysis: Identifying the positive and negative expressions in the text, at the word or the phrase level.

Reporting: Showing the results of the analysis so that insights can be put to work.

For certain major languages, Clarabridge includes full “language packs.” We analyze these languages using Natural Language Processing (NLP) for a complete understanding of grammatical relationships between the words. For these languages, the categorization, sentiment analysis, and reporting happen after the grammatical analysis. This gives a richer look into the relationships among words and phrases, and provides more tools for identifying insights.

Many companies claim to offer full NLP. However, because “full NLP” is not a standardized term, you should look closely at what the company is actually offering.

Full NLP, as defined by Clarabridge, means complete grammatical understanding of language. It recognizes parts of speech, syntax, clauses, named entities (like your brand or product name) and more. All of this grammatical information is then used to inform the rule-based and machine learning components of our system.

We also believe that true NLP happens in the native language. Some companies only have full NLP support for English, so they have to translate all data into English first. This strategy results in a loss of specificity, nuance, and context, and produces poor grammatical analysis. Therefore, the best approach is a full NLP analysis in the native language of the document.

Clarabridge currently offers language packs in fourteen languages: Arabic, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Dutch, English (US and UK), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.

However, languages without a language pack still benefit from analysis using the Clarabridge platform. Category modeling, sentiment analysis, and reporting features are all still available in the native language of the feedback.

In these cases, users can customize the system to fit their business. They can tune sentiment and build their own categorizations to fit their specific linguistic needs. Clarabridge has successfully implemented projects in Greek, Hungarian, Czech, and other languages that do not have an associated language pack.

Your customers can be anywhere, and speak any language. So no matter what, you need to understand what they are saying if you want to understand their wants and needs. Because Clarabridge processes any language, we can help you understand all of your customers.

Check out The Forrester Wave™ Big Data Text Analytics Platforms from the form above to see how Clarabridge stacks up.

Lisa Sigler is Sr. Manager of Content Marketing at Clarabridge. For over 16 years, Lisa has used her writing and editorial skills to bring the value and benefits of technology to life. In her current role, she works to demonstrate Clarabridge’s position as thought leader and trailblazer in the Customer Experience Management market. Lisa holds a B.A. of English from Kent State University. Read more from Lisa on Twitter @siglerLis.