Crush Contact Center Silos to Improve the Customer Experience

By: Clarabridge Team

March 15, 2017

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By Lorraine Schumacher
CEM Evangelist

Your contact center is hiding some of the richest, most valuable Voice of the Customer (VoC) information you have. But too often, business silos keep you from using that information to make your business better. You need to crush contact center silos if you are serious about putting the customer first.

Bring your contact center into the CX fold.

Even in organizations with a dedicated Chief Customer Officer, the role of the contact center in the customer experience is sometimes overlooked. Contact center managers tend to have an operational mindset, with a focus on individual efficiencies and performance metrics.

But your contact center agents interact with your customers every day. They are the frontline of your customer experience. The way they treat your customers determines how your customers feel about you. And, contact center agents have more first-hand knowledge of what customers are than anybody else in your organization. Shouldn’t your customer experience management program include that perspective?

Get rid of internal contact center silos.

Even within your contact center, there can be silos. One set of agents might handle billing questions, while another handles some other types of query. Or, a single customer care department can have some agents on the phones while others handle social media.

Regardless of the different functions within your contact center, make sure that everyone has a single view of the customer. Also, try to capture capture the same kinds of customer feedback across agents. Then you’ll have a stronger case, and richer data, as you work with the rest of the organization to improve the overall customer experience.

Work across departments.

One team may be looking at call analytics, such as average response time or first call resolution. Another group may care about social response times. And someone else is processing your NPS® survey results and scores. Within your contact center or across your entire organization, you will not really understand the customer experience if you look at all of your data sources separately.

You need an omni-channel approach to analyzing contact center data along with all the other customer data you have available. That will not only improve your overall customer experience, but also help you improve your contact center operations.

Crushing your contact center silos gives you invaluable insight into your business and your customers. Isn’t it time to get started?



Lorraine Schumacher is a customer experience evangelist, helping organizations improve business results by enabling CX transformation. She is passionate about customer experience best practices and helping companies master them. Follow Lorraine on Twitter @SchumacherCX.