Customer about to divorce you? Save your relationship with social media management.

By: Daniel Martins, Head of Digital Marketing

March 15, 2017

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Listen to me before it’s too late! Your customer is about to divorce you. Here’s how to save your relationship using social media management.

50% of marriages end in divorce. There are many reasons for this but one of the them is in the couple’s inability to listen. They fail to resolve issues that arise from the simplest of expectations from each other. Not delivering on promises and lack of communication create tension and a lack of trust. This ultimately ends in separation.

Your relationship with customers is not that different. Customers have expectations from brands, and a company’s failure to deliver may result in the customer leaving. Even if they thought that the product offering was good, this does not mean that they will stay!

So, how can you keep your commitments? Start by using social listening with customers. Engage with them promptly, and resolve issues quickly and efficiently. This way, you will keep customers and avoid churn caused by bad social customer service.

Today, many customers use social media as their chosen platform to voice complaints. They expect an answer and they expect it quickly. In addition, they want more than a lip service answer; they expect a solution to their problem. So it is obvious that your social media management team must analyze the conversations, and take action.

Last year, there were over 879 million complaints on social media directed at brands. That’s not to mention questions and the occasional compliment. So if you’re not engaging with your customers through your social media management program, you’re going to lose them.

In our latest report “5 Steps to Better Social Media Engagement” you’ll learn to use your social platforms to understand what customers want, resolve problems, and improve your business.

Read about:

  • Tracking and understanding social conversations about your brand through social media management
  • Using social as an extension of your brand
  • Solving short-term and long-term problems for your customers

5 Steps to Better Social Media Engagement eBook

Daniel Martins is Clarabridge’s Global Head of Digital Marketing. Daniel is based out of our London office and collaborates with the wider global team to ensure that we are able to meet our customer’s digital needs through best-in-class customer experience.