Customer Experience is a Global Conversation

By: Lisa Sigler

January 9, 2015

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Consider these facts:

Put these all together, and what have you got? You’ve got a lot of potential customers giving you feedback from a lot of places, and in a lot of languages.

In today’s global economy, your customers can be anywhere.  And with the rise of social media and review sites, every one of your customers has a platform for telling the entire world how she feels about your brand, in the language of her choice.

Don’t forget, though, that you also have a global opportunity. With the right team using the right solutions, you can capture, understand, and act on feedback from any country, in any language.  You can look at feedback aggregated from around the world, or slice it into segments representing a specific language, country, or even neighborhood.

Why is this important? Because the more information you have, the more confidently you can act. Perhaps the customer service reps speaking Spanish in your call centers are delivering better experiences than your English speaking agents – don’t you want to know so you can adjust your English training?

What if global brand recognition is up, but a problem with the translations of your ads in one language is hurting you in that specific market? Don’t you think you should fix the problem?

How about if a supplier or distributor in one of your sales regions is making dangerous errors – don’t you need to know, right away?

Even if your business is predominantly in one region, you need to be able to understand and dig as deeply as possible into your feedback.

Make sure that you aren’t missing out – engage customers and enrich your customer experience program by including multi-lingual, world-wide listening.

The Clarabridge 6.3 release enables even more global listening with the addition of Korean to our ever-growing list of natively supported languages. For more information about this and other enhancements in the 6.3 release, check out our product datasheet or contact us today. 


Lisa Sigler is Sr. Manager of Content Marketing at Clarabridge. For over 16 years, Lisa has used her writing and editorial skills to bring the value and benefits of technology to life. In her current role, she works to demonstrate Clarabridge’s position as thought leader and trailblazer in the Customer Experience Management market. Lisa holds a B.A. of English from Kent State University. Read more from Lisa on Twitter @siglerLis.