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September 14, 2017

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By: Barbara Hoffman, Product Marketing, Clarabridge

Henry Ford once said “It is not the employer who pays the wages, employers only handle the money. It is the customer who pays the wages.”

When you focus on the customers, they certainly do pay wages. In fact, customer-centric companies are 60% more profitable compared to companies not focused on customers. It’s no surprise that Customer Experience Management has moved to the top of the agenda for CEOs. With this in mind, Customer Experience (CX) needs to be everybody’s job.  Here are some tactics for encouraging CX-centricity for all of your employees.


Make CX Visible:  I have walked into many company lobbies and seen monitors prominently displaying stock performance.  It is  a great way to galvanize the organization around a common objective.  In addition to displaying performance in financial markets, let employees know how the company is performing in the consumer markets.  Whether you track NPS, CES or any other measure, put it front and center.  One Clarabridge customer takes this idea a step further.  Using our Command Center Mode, they not only display their CX metrics on large screens, but also, by using a touch screen monitor, allow employees to drill into and interact with the data.

Make CX Personal: Each group impacts CX in different ways.  To encourage a customer-centric culture, recognize the CX KPIs each department impacts, and deliver that information tailored to the viewer’s role through dashboards or reports. Whether they are on the frontline interacting with customers or behind the scenes making sure the website works and the lights are on, demonstrate how every employee contributes to the customer experience.

Make CX Actionable: Empower employees and management to act on insights at the product-, department-, location- or regional level. Confident engagement and cross-functional actions can make a big impact when employees have everything they need not only to see customer feedback, but also address customer needs.   Provide employees the tools and customer insights, such as omni-channel case management and predictive analytics to guide their interactions so they can fully engage and are empowered to create great customer experiences.

Make CX Tangible:  Provide rewards for positive experiences and make CX part of the performance review.  When you recognize and reward employees for doing the right thing or contributing to a great customer experience, you reinforce customer-centric behaviors. Continue to make the connection for the employee to the outcome, and create experience-based accountability rather than simply product or business unit focus points.

Get everyone in your organization engaged in the customer experience.  Delight your customers and earn those wages!

Clarabridge customers who want to understand how to better put their CX data to work can schedule time with our product experts during their office hours.


Give customer a seat in the boardroom


Barbara Hoffman is a member of the Product Marketing team at Clarabridge.  To see more of her experience, or to reach out, please visit