Customer Experience Spotlight: Keeping the Customer Experience Flame Burning at ADP

By: Susan Ganeshan

September 29, 2014

CX Spotlight

The customer experience (CX) industry is on fire, and new CX programs are starting up everywhere. However, the spark can die out if the program isn’t implemented and maintained properly.

Recently, Amy Tinley from ADP spoke on a webinar hosted by Clarabridge. She shared about her experience as the Director of Client Experience Analytics COE at ADP, and how her CX program is driving change across her company.

Here’s an overview of what we learned from Amy about how to make sure your CX program is successful in the long-term:

  • Preparing a CX fire. It’s important to determine your CX program’s basic needs. You don’t have to do this alone. Instead, get ideas from the broader CX community and gather the many tools and resources that are already available to help you assess the needs of your CX program.
  • Assessing the landscape. Beyond basic needs, identify the CX opportunities specific to your organization and industry. These will help you to establish clear objectives and get the right people involved with your program.
  • Good fires vs. Bad Fires. It’s easy to “cherry pick” data when it comes to customer feedback. Make sure you are looking at the big picture to make informed decisions.
  • Keep the flame burning. If you don’t tend to a fire, it can burn out or get out of control. To keep the CX flame burning, continue to find ways to improve your program. For example, share customer feedback across your organization. Add new data sources to listen to more customers. Hold regular meetings to discuss outcomes and best practices.
  • Foster campfire experiences. Community is at the heart of customer experience, and community is built with stories. Provide your clients or customers with stories by combing data with live customer feedback and business knowledge. Combining them together will help you create a more enjoyable experience.
  • Don’t be afraid to walk on fire. Take some risks with your program, such as testing different ways to show your data.

How are you building a CX fire? To learn more about ADP’s customer experience program, view our free webinar.