Customer Experience Spotlight: Standing Up a CX Organization at Orbitz

By: Susan Ganeshan

July 10, 2014



The more customer experience (CX) professionals I meet, the more I’m impressed by their vision, tenacity, and productivity. As a result, I thought it fitting to start this regular content series on our blog. If you care about customer experience and if you like to be inspired by others, then this is the place for you. We’ll try to keep a steady flow of use cases for you here – and we welcome your stories as well. Now on to our first narrative:

Recently, Stacey Symonds from Orbitz spoke on a webinar hosted by Clarabridge. She spoke about the process she went through after joining the company to understand the details behind the travel customer experience.

Orbitz had a lot of data about what their customers were experiencing, but they didn’t always know the why.  The senior management team cared about CX, but they were moving too fast to keep up with the demands of growing a customer experience management program. Like many CX professionals, Stacy struggled with keeping senior management attention.

Stacey’s “ah ha” moment was when she realized that the way to the hearts of her executives was to connect the customer satisfaction ratings to value. So, she began running surveys with customers both before and after changes were made to the Orbitz website. Then, she pushed the CX data to the executive team to show how the changes equated to revenue.

So what can we learn from Stacey when it comes to standing up a CX organization?

–  Find, and keep, executive attention by finding out what CX messages resonate with them best
–  Monitor the before and after buying behavior of the changes you make based on customer feedback
–  Keep your executive sponsors constantly aware of your progress

Blaze a trail like Stacey and you will find the value of the CX program in your business increase dramatically. For more details on how Orbitz has created a Customer Experience Organization,  view our free webinar.