Customer Experience Spotlight: Verizon’s Path to Speech Analytics

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By: Susan Ganeshan

November 4, 2014

In the Customer Experience industry, we talk a lot about the “voice of the customer.” We often use it as a catch-all term for customer feedback in all of its forms. But what about the literal voice of the customer – the actual words he or she speaks directly to you over the telephone?

We were pleased to welcome Lorraine Schumacher, Director of Operations Customer Business Intelligence at Verizon, to a recent webinar to discuss Verizon’s approach to capturing and using customer feedback that comes in by phone. Here are some of the things she discussed:

1. The potential is huge. Verizon has kicked off its voice transcription and analysis program by ingesting just the 10-second voice recordings from post-call surveys. This already represents 700,000 transcriptions per month. Speech analytics for full call transcriptions, with sentiment information about the tone of voice as well as the words, will add another valuable dimension to the overall customer experience data.

2. It’s a part of the overall picture. Speech transcripts are one of over 60 listening posts (data sources) that generate customer feedback data for Verizon. Using Clarabridge, they are able to integrate and analyze all of this data together for a more comprehensive understanding of the customer’s point of view.

3. Speech analytics combat “infobesity.” If you aren’t able to effectively use all of your disparate sources of data, you can easily conclude that you have too much of it. A structured program such as Verizon’s Center of Excellence lets you transform raw data into a source of meaningful insights rather than overwhelming noise.

4. Clarabridge makes it easier. Verizon was able to get their transcription and speech analytics functions up and running in 90 days thanks to Clarabridge’s expertise. Using the Clarabridge Intelligence Platform for analysis enables Verizon’s Center of Excellence to provide weekly reports and to fulfill ad hoc requests from across the business with a very small team.

Verizon uses Voice Transcription and Text Analytics to identify customer pain points and analyze the big picture. What can your organization use it for? To learn more, download our free webinar.