Customer Intelligence Tools Better Than BI? You Betcha!

By: Susan Ganeshan

August 8, 2017

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Many organizations have settled on one global Business Intelligence (BI) tool. Either your IT team has said, “all reports will be done in Tableau” or they’ve settled on SAP’s Business Objects, Oracle’s Hyperion, or one of the newer tools, like Domo. In any case, IT did this for their own sanity and because let’s face it, BI software helps an organization drive consistent company-wide distribution of key metrics about the business.

But, there is one place where BI tools don’t do a good job on driving a consistent message. And that’s when they look at unstructured customer data.

BI Tools vs Customer Intelligence Tools

Commonly referred to as voice of the customer data, BI tools struggle to represent the customer experience data effectively. Why? Well, according to Craig Lyons, VP of Products at Clarabridge, “Other BI tools work with customer feedback data, but Clarabridge’s CX Studio is better for 3 reasons.  First, our tool is less expensive to implement because we don’t require IT support for data synchronization. Second, it is easy to maintain once live and automatically allows users to access additional data without IT support. Lastly and most importantly, the performance in visualization and drill down is far superior.”

That’s why we at Clarabridge built our own visual reporting tool. While we certainly didn’t fancy competing with the likes of Oracle and SAP, we know that visualizing the customer experience data, mashing up structured data about the customer with unstructured feedback in the customers’ own words, is the only way to drill down to the root cause of issues across the customer’s journey. Seeing is believing. So only when we show these aspects together can we determine the best course of action for improving the customer experience.

So What Does a Good Customer Intelligence Tool Look Like?

The best tools for reporting on voice of the customer data are visual, drillable and actionable.

They give users:

  • Real-time access to the latest customer feedback
  • Ability to match customer demographics (location, age, gender, last purchase) to customer feedback (thoughts, emotions, sentiment)
  • Customizable views that show metrics that matter to you (NPS, CSat, Revenue) next to customer feedback
  • Ability to drill into the root cause of customer feedback showing how the customers voice impacts your bottom line

Maybe you aren’t sure how to make this data available to your management team and broadly throughout your organization. Clarabridge would be glad to show you how other organizations are doing it today, and get you on the path to revolutionizing your Customer Experience program.


Susan Ganeshan is Clarabridge’s Chief Marketing Officer. Under Susan’s leadership, Clarabridge Marketing produces insightful, educational content that enables business leaders to deliver on the promise of best-in-class customer experience. Follow Susan on Twitter @sganeshan.