Customers Don’t Think Omni-Channel: They Think “Help Me, Please”

By: Susan Ganeshan

April 22, 2015

This post was originally published on CustomerThink on April 12, 2015.

After a two year pause in basketball my son decided to join a casual spring team to play with some of his friends. Of course, as any parent knows, two-year-old basketball shoes will never fit a growing boy, so we were off to the races to get a new pair of shoes.

Because our weekend got away from us we didn’t have time to run to one of the many local sports stores. We have our pick of Dick’s Sporting Goods, Sports Authority, or Modell’s literally all within two miles of home but instead we opted for the late night internet shopping. But this story isn’t new; isn’t this what we all do?

For me going to the store is never a pleasure. First of all, my boys don’t want to shop, even for themselves. If it doesn’t involve playing, eating or videos, they aren’t into it. But for me, it’s more about the service in stores these days, or lack of it. If I want to be treated like a number I can just shop online. Local reviews for the sport stores near me sum it up well. Here is one from 1 week ago for our local Dick’s Sporting Goods, which admittedly is the biggest and usually most well-stocked store of the three.

“This place sucks – I mean it sucks. I wandered around this place looking for something with no mention of help. Not one person asked if I needed help finding something. There were so many employees in the place, there was traffic inside!”

Who wants to go shopping when there is a store full of young zombies staring at you but not helping? Not me.

But it didn’t get much better when I shopped online. It took about 10 minutes but we found a pair and ordered them. We found a good deal on, cheaper than Amazon and easier to return since the store is right around the corner, and as the final bonus, they were offering free shipping. Bargain. Ordered. Done. But no, it couldn’t possibly be that easy. By midnight we had a note from DSG. “Your order has been cancelled.” That’s it, no reason. #ServiceFail

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