Customize your dashboards and social media reports

By: Lien Brusselmans

January 31, 2013

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Custom dashboards: only the analytics you need

Engagor contains all social media metrics and analytics you’re interested in. As you can imagine: that is a large amount of charts, numbers, lists and visuals.

Evidently not all of these are equally important to all Engagor users. This depends on your social media strategy and the kpi’s you are tracking. As of now, Engagor offers all users with a Standard, Professional or Enterprise account the possibility to make custom dashboards containing only the information you want to see. This is what a dashboard for brand managers (demo topic) could look like. Amongst others it features a comparative table with interesting KPI’s for Facebook pages and Twitter profiles, topic volume charts and summary charts for the brand’s own profiles.

Automatic social media reports based on your custom dashboards

But that is not all. As we see it, there will typically be two types of custom dashboards:

  1. Dashboards you regularly check on Engagor
    These dashboards will contain all the analytics you want to keep an eye on: follower growth, top tweets, influencers in your industry, amount of buzz your competitors are creating, etc. You will be much more in the know of your social media activity than before because you no longer have to click your way through the Engagor Insights to find this information.
  2. Dashboards to export on a regular basis, creating custom reports
    Assembling a report is a time-consuming task that often takes several hours or even days. No more of this! Engagor saves you precious time by assembling the social media report for you! All you have to do is choose all the analytics you need, and put them in a custom dashboard. You will then receive automatic reports in your email inbox with exactly the information you want, as often as you want: be it daily or weekly. On top, these reports can also be sent to people that don’t have an Engagor account.

Widgets we should add?

For the moment not all the analytics that are available in the Insights can be made into a widget for your custom dashboards.
If you come across a chart or visual you would like to add to one of your dashboards, but you don’t see the widget symbol, just let us know!

Based on your experience, we will bring custom dashboards and custom reporting to a whole new level of user friendliness!

Oh, and one more thing: we are releasing this feature in beta, so if you come across any hiccups, just let us know!