CX Experts Share Four Ways to Break Down Internal Silos

By: Clarabridge Team

June 24, 2016

customer experience management

One of the biggest challenges CX teams face is breaking down silos to make sure their customer insights actually get into the hands of the teams that can act on them. Many departments are initially skeptical of the use, reliability, and value of CX insights.

Below are four examples of how major brands tackle this challenge.  Autodesk, a world leader in 3D design software; GE Healthcare, a provider of medical technologies and services; and Welk Resorts, a developer and operator of luxury resorts and timeshares in the United States and Mexico, have all been able to break down walls and foster a community of putting the customer first

1)  Embed CX terms and principles across the company:

At Autodesk’s main offices, multiple flat screens display customer comments alongside Customer Support Interaction scores for all employees to see. The company’s daily jargon has expanded, and terms such as Customer CSAT and NPS have become well known and understood metrics. As a result, the appetite to read and listen to customer comments has increased tremendously.

2)  Make concerted efforts to talk to different teams:

At GE Healthcare, members of the Marketing team seek out and have more effective conversations with the Engineering teams. Previously, they talked in general terms of what customers liked or didn’t like. Now, with access to hard facts and customer insights, the marketers can back up their conversations with quantifiable metrics, allowing all teams to make smarter, data-driven decisions, and to see the value of the CX program.

3)  Focus your on-boarding programs on the value of CX:

At Welk Resorts, all employees participate in a revitalized training program. The hotel group has introduced a structured approach to CEM based on staff education, experience tracking, and results-driven refinement. Every team member at five Welk properties receives a seven-step “INSPIRED Engagement” card as part of their training. One of the seven steps includes learning how to ask for feedback about a guest’s stay while the guest is at the hotel. This helps the team to better understand, value, and act on the guest’s needs and challenges, rather than hear about them after the fact.

4)  Launch internal forums:

At GE Healthcare, the CX team constantly leads educational efforts, such as launching an internal website, holding summits, and hosting lunch and learns, to highlight what they are doing and the type of value-added analysis they can produce to help meet business goals. Many departments have been made accountable for customer loyalty and satisfaction ratings, and several customer metrics have been rolled up into corporate goals. Similarly, at Autodesk thought leadership articles about the importance of putting the customer first are written and shared internally.


As a member of a CX team, it is your responsibility to make sure your efforts and work are not in vain. Identifying customer insights is only half the battle; work across teams to identify and nurture champions in each department who can continuously share and sell the value of customer experience.

Serina Aswani is Manager of Content Marketing and EMEA Marketing at Clarabridge. As part of her responsibilities, Serina serves as the voice of Clarabridge’s customers, highlighting customer stories and sharing proven best practices for implementing successful Customer Experience Management programs. Serina also oversees content marketing strategy and PR for the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) region. She is responsible for establishing Clarabridge’s position as an industry thought leader across EMEA. Serina holds a M.S. in Commerce, specializing in Marketing and Management, as well as a B.A in French and Studio Arts, from the University of Virginia. Read more from Serina on Twitter at @SerinaAswani