CX Revolution is Upon Us

By: Susan Ganeshan

May 9, 2017

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Last week at our annual users conference, C3, the Clarabridge team announced our latest product features and our drive to help companies start a CX Revolution. It is our vision to empower brands with the tools to integrate data-driven customer experience into the fabric of every business, across every department in the business. To say the market is excited is an understatement.  We’ve seen a rush of inquiries and great press coverage.  But what is more exciting is that the CX leaders in prominent companies love this idea.

The fact is people just want to be heard. Customers want to be heard. CX professionals want to be heard. Leaders in organizations want to be heard. Most organizations truly do have the customer’s best interest at heart, but we need facts to help us achieve the best outcomes.  We need a path to ensure we get there. The answer is quite simple: the way to start a CX Revolution is with data.

Data is power. Customer-specific data will power the CX Revolution.  Pam Plyler, from NRG Consulting, spoke of Clarabridge this way, “There is no other tool in the marketplace that allows you to see the end-to-end channel to optimize across all interactions and engage with customers”.

How will you know when you’ve started a CX Revolution?  There are a few tell-tale signs:

  • First, customers provide your company more feedback because they feel and can sense your active listening. Rather than customers moaning and complaining at you, it becomes an exchange of ideas.
  • A common understanding of trends and the real customer journey emerges across the company. With it, the path to driving down costs and improving metrics emerges as well. And this drastically changes the way the business views itself. The understanding is beyond the basic NPS metrics, it is a correlated and coalesced knowledge of how changes to the company will impact business results.
  • YourCX function drives employee behavior. As a result, employees are fully engaged and love serving customer; there is cross-functional collaboration. Employees have everything they need to properly and quickly address and engage the customer.

The end result of a CX Revolution is improved revenues and loyalty.

Get started on your path today.  We can show you how with your own data.  Let’s give it a go together.