Designing the Perfect Space For Your Social Team to Thrive

By: Sofie De Beule

July 5, 2016

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The actual workspace environment where your social customer service team sits and spends most of its time (when not working remotely) can have a huge impact on your customer service success. Not to mention, it is a key factor to your agents’ wellbeing and morale.

Regardless of whether your social customer service team is integrated into the contact center or sits in a separate room, agents and team leaders need a working environment that oozes tranquility, allows them to be productive, and, quite simply, to jell well as a team. Here are four ways that our customers foster great working environments in their office:

1. Use Monitors To Track Progress in Real-Time

Social media happens in real-time and it never stops. Social teams need a space that’s designed to help them to keep track of what’s happening and being said about the brand in real-time. Make the room dynamic by adding monitors or TV screens with a live stream (or feed) of your incoming social media messages. Beyond incoming social data, use the TV screens to display KPI dashboards from your CRM and customer support tools such as Salesforce, Desk, or Zendesk to keep a holistic overview of your customers.

2. Have Your Team Leader Sit in A Central Desk Area

Social customer service team leaders are the go-to person when issues arise and need to be addressed quickly. Team leaders are often on the road or have multiple, daily meetings to attend. So while they are at their desk, they should make themselves as accessible to their team as possible. Place the desk in a central area and in close proximity to the team to help facilitate greater communication. Ideally, they should divide their time equally between physically sitting next to agents to improve day-to-day operations and coaching agents.

3. Make Room Arrangements Teamwork-Friendly

In the field of social customer service, conversations with customers often get heated.

There isn’t really a one-size-fits all strategy or rule when it comes to how you arrange a space for maximum productivity; it simply needs to be optimized for working as a team as well as individually. Social customer service agents often communicate via the built-in team chat to discuss customer cases but also need to have the freedom to talk face-to-face to facilitate easy follow-up of urgent messages. In an ideal situation, care agents have the freedom to talk in person without disturbing others, while still being able to work in a quiet environment.

Flexible desks are an increasingly new concept that has recently found its way to social customer support. This is when team members do not get assigned a fixed desk space, rather, they can choose to work at any desk that is available when they come into the office. If you introduce an open desk policy, make sure every desk is equally equipped and provides the same level of comfort for each agent.

Social Customer Service Team

4. Make Sure Your Teams Sits Close to Corporate Communications

It’s key for social customer service teams to work closely together with other departments and avoid working in silos. Beyond how you organize and arrange your space, it’s important that your agents sit close to other key departments within the organization, such as Corporate Communications, Marketing, and even your CEO. When an issue arises, your social media team is usually the first one to pick up on it. When designing your work space, make sure you have some spare desks available where people from other teams can sit. This is key to encouraging cross-functional teams and to having customer service agents mingle with other departments.

If you want to make your social customer service team thrive, invest in designing a space that fosters communication and collaboration but also offers privacy when needed.