Digital Transformation Through Interaction Analytics and Automation

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By: Shorit Ghosh

December 8, 2020

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This year has forced contact centers to re-think and re-focus.  Contact Centers have seen a major shift towards digital transformation and automation which are driving massive changes in the workforce and the technology that supports them.

Quality Management is a perfect candidate for technology innovation. Currently the process of scoring and evaluating agents is manual, time consuming and subject to human bias. Using automated scoring via Natural Language Understanding contact centers can now automatically evaluate and score both conversational and non-conversational data sources on multiple dimensions simultaneously.  By scoring interactions automatically and objectively, businesses can efficiently identify issues across 100% of inquiries along all channels, determine the best order in which to address them, and confidently act on objective information.  Interactions could be scored for compliance, soft skills, script adherence, and more!  This approach can also identify where proactive outreach may be needed for agents or customers, where the company’s protocol may need to be revisited, and where coaching opportunities exist for agents.

Another area with massive potential for disruption is agent after call work. Most agents spend anywhere from 2-10 minutes typing up after call notes summarizing the interaction. Advances in Natural Language Generation eliminates the need for manual post call notetaking and replaces it with well-written, properly formatted, concise and consistent machine-generated summaries.  Freeing up agents’ time allows them to focus on other tasks, thus increasing overall efficiency and driving significant cost savings by allowing agents to get back to serving customers faster.  These automated narrative summaries can then be automatically synced with operational/CRM and analytical spaces for seamless tracking and analysis as well as historical or regulatory referencing.

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About the Author:
Shorit Ghosh is the Vice President of North America Services at Clarabridge. Shorit manages a team of consulting managers, business consultants and technical architects to help his customers improve their own customer experience, increase revenue, and reduce cost and churn.