Discover Our Google Analytics Integration & Other Exciting Updates

By: Sofie De Beule

November 5, 2014

In addition to our previous blog post with small, new features, we are excited to share some new updates which will help you manage your social media efforts even more efficiently and effectively!

We are especially glad to announce that we now have a Google Analytics Integration to measure the success of the content posted with Engagor. In addition to that, you can now upload a custom picture to a Facebook post, and receive mobile push notifications for automations.

1. Google Analytics Integration

Looking for ways to consistently measure the success of your content published through social media? Engagor has got you covered!

The Google Analytics integration is especially useful to marketers that want to measure the ROI of the content posted through Engagor. This type of source tracking allows you to identify where traffic to a certain page on your website has come from.

When sharing a url to publish on social media within Engagor, we can now automatically tag this link to analyze site traffic coming from that URL in Google Analytics.

You can enable the Google Analytics Integration in your account by going to Settings (click on the little cogwheel). In Account Preferences, you will then find Source Tracking, where you can choose to add source tracking to your URLs. This will be enabled for all users in your Engagor account.

2. Add Custom Pictures to Publish on Facebook

When publishing a post with a link on Facebook, you can include a picture that is typically one from the web page behind the link. However, in some cases you don’t want to include a picture from the link itself, but rather opt for a custom one.

That’s why we now have the option to upload a custom picture when publishing a blog post, a link to a news items, etc. on Facebook.

3. Receive Mobile Push Notifications Via Automation

The next feature is especially useful for people using the mobile app.

Automations are a great feature to help you manage your social media presence smoothly. They allow you to trigger actions (e.g. receive an email alert, send an auto-reply, mark a mention as resolved) when mentions match a certain filter, which can be incredibly useful for multiple purposes.

You can for example receive an email when more than 100 social media messages land in your Inbox in under 30 minutes, which is especially useful for crisis management.

We are very excited to announce that we now have mobile push notifications for automations to help you keep better track of your brand on the go. This means you can be notified immediately if a crisis is lurking, if an influencer says something about your brand and in all other scenarios you can predefine.

Important note: you first need to install our Engagor Mobile App on your phone in order to receive mobile push notifications.

Have any questions about this on how you can benefits from these updates? Don’t hesitate to contact our awesome support team!