The Three E’s of Excellent CX in One Infographic

May 30, 2021

Here at Clarabridge, we call empathy, emotion, and effort the 3 E’s of Excellent CX. Why? The answer is simple: customers want more personalized, humanistic experiences with brands. As workers stay at home and expand their use of online services, speaking with actual humans and having personalized shopping experiences seem to be a rarity. So how do we make sure that customers are getting the best, most human experiences with your brands? You focus on tracking and training agents on the 3 E’s. 

Why Empathy, Emotion, and Effort? 

Empathy: While many contact centers prioritize First Call Resolution (FCR) as a key performance metric, Clarabridge customers often

find that empathy is a more significant driver of positive CSAT and NPS. Empathy gives customers the feeling of a personalized and human experience that affects customer loyalty to your brands.


Emotion: You want happy customers, yes, but what you want most is to avoid angry, frustrated, and confused customers. Tracking emotion lets you know what points in the customer journey are really miffing your customers so that you can improve them. You can also determine what areas of the journey cause happiness or joy – and then act to incorporate more of those attributes across all brand experiences.


Effort: There is a clear link between customer loyalty and low effort when interacting with businesses. Customers that find it easy to buy your products or interact with your contact center are much more likely to recommend your business and less likely to churn, according to The Effortless Experience.


To learn more about the 3 E’s and what they mean for your business, download a high resolution of the infographic here. We’ve also provided social media nuggets below you can share with your audience! 

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