Do these CX challenges sound familiar?

By: Clarabridge Team

November 2, 2017

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Check out the list below. Are any of these CX challenges issues that you face too?

“We have lots of different channels of feedback we need to listen to in order to understand the voice of the guest (or voice of the customer)”

“Our home-grown solution to listening to customer feedback data takes days to analyze data and provide insights we can act on.”

“Our team of analysts can only manually read and code a limited number of customer feedback verbatim (data).”

“Departmental silos make it hard to share customer insights across the business to provide an improved end-to-end customer experience.”

“We have a lot of customer feedback and commentary across our business, but we don’t have a way to centrally house it and prioritize against it.”

“We needed easy access to all our current and historical data without having to refer to email conversations, google docs or other annoying extra steps.”


These were all daily CX challenges that large companies, such as Bank of Montreal, Red Roof Inn, and hhgregg faced too. It prompted them to look for a solution, and they now work with Clarabridge to improve their end-to-end customer journeys and brand experiences.

Check out the video below for their full testimonials: