Doing this can Transform your Contact Center into a Profit Center

By: Clarabridge Team

November 21, 2017

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Your customers interact with your contact center daily—calling, emailing, and chatting—providing a wealth of feedback on your brand’s products and services. But many businesses still treat their contact centers as cost centers – an expensive and necessary evil, isolating them into a business silo.

According to the customer experience research agency, Smith + Co, these businesses overlook the fact that contact centers are a key part of the overall customer journey. Each call needs to be treated as a contact, part of a seamless and continuous process of engaging with the customer. In doing so, the contact center becomes an experience center that identifies and maximises customer sentiment, and ultimately, revenue. It becomes the core of the brand, responsible for informing business decision with real customer stories on what matters most.

In order to transform the contact center into an experience center, you need to tap into your customer interactions, integrating and analyzing call recording voice data with chat logs, agent notes, emails, and social interactions. Doing so will let you explore what customers are saying and how they feel; identify friction points and emerging trends; pinpoint call drivers and specific root cause; and discover and share business improvement insights across the organization to drive change. Act on these insights to empower teams to close the loop with customers.

Many companies struggle with getting the most value out of contact center interactions because they struggle with:

  • Analyzing all calls quickly: Analyzing sampled data doesn’t paint a holistic picture of what your customers are feeling and saying. And, when it takes days to analyse even this small pool of data, the opportunity to enact meaningful change or to mitigate emerging trends, becomes extremely small.
  • Understanding sentiment: Are your customers confused? Irritated? Pleased? Sentiment and emotion vary by topic during the course of an interaction. It is important to accurately capture sentiment attributed to each topic mentioned during a call, not just the phone call overall.
  • Gaining an omni-channel view of the customer: customer interactions take place across many different, disparate channels, such as Facebook, SMS, Twitter, email, chat, survey, or online review sites. Contact center interactions cannot be viewed in isolation; in order to understand the end-to-end customer journey, you need to have a centralized view of your brand experience from the customer’s perspective.

Using technology can help overcome these challenges, transforming the contact center into a vital hub of the company, driving business decisions with the true and holistic voice of the customer. Technology such as Clarabridge’s CX solution for the contact center can help you:

  • Improve KPIs such as first call resolution, call deflection, and customer effort
  • Smoothen out friction points across the customer journey
  • Eliminate manual call disposition
  • Provide better self-service and improved agent quality
  • Detect and prevent compliance issues and customer churn


To learn more about how Clarabridge’s CX solution for the Contact Center works, watch the short video below: