Easily measure the results of your social media efforts

By: Lien Brusselmans

July 31, 2012

During the last couple of weeks we haven’t been on a holiday! We’ve worked hard on a revamp of the Engagor Insights and as a result we now offer our clients new metrics for their monitored profiles. With these metrics users can now easily measure the results of their brand’s efforts in social media. Moreover, the Insights for the monitored social profiles are now much more consistent, making it easier to find what you’re looking for.

Now, what are these new metrics and how are they beneficial to companies monitoring their online presence? Let’s give you some examples from one of our demo projects, luxury car brands, in which we monitor Aston Martin, Rolls Royce and Lamborghini.

  1. Want to know exactly how much your (or your competitors’) Facebook status updates and tweets are appreciated by the audience? We now calculate this with a new metric, called ‘Applause‘. It’s based on actions indicating appreciation, like retweets, favorites or likes. You can check your Applause on many different levels: for one specific monitored profile (Twitter account, Facebook profile, etc.), for your entire activity on one social network (for all your Twitter accounts or Facebook pages at once) and also at the most general level: Twitter and Facebook Applause combined. This last one enables you to easily compare your own appreciation with that of your key competitors. For example, here you see the general Applause Rate for the luxury car brands.
  2. Also present in the image on top is the Engagement Rate. This indicates how much your audience is engaging with your brand. Are they commenting on the content from your Facebook page? Are they replying to your tweets or @mentioning them? Engagement is often even more important than Applause because people are putting more effort in a comment or reply then in a ‘simple’ like or retweet. This means they’re really thinking about your brand or about the message you’ve sent into the world.Of course, this data is also accessible in a chart, where you can easily activate or deactivate certain profiles to compare exactly what you want to compare.

  3. Want to see how your own profiles are doing online? Let’s imagine all of us working for Aston Martin, following up on their social media activity. In a table like the one underneath, you get a clear overview of the status of the Aston Martin profiles and how they’re evolving, as well as the metrics for all these profiles at once.
  4. Let’s continue pretending to work for Aston Martin and suppose your boss wants some evidence that the company’s Twitter activity is paying off. All you have to do is present him one single chart, more precisely the one added underneath this paragraph. It combines all the important metrics: user growth and total activity on your Twitter profiles and per day a bar that clearly distinguishes own tweets (posts or replies sent by your profile), retweets or replies by others (thus Applause and Engagement) and tweets that are mentioning your profile. The chart might seem overwhelming at first but it’s very straightforward and makes reporting about your Twitter profile activity so much easier. A similar chart is available for all your monitored profiles, like Facebook pages, Foursquare venues, etc.

These are only a few examples of all the things you can now measure with Engagor. These metrics are live in your own account, so check them out and use them to improve the analysis of your social media efforts. Don’t own an Engagor account yet? No worries, set up a free trial and try out our platform for 14 days.