Ellen DeGeneres’ Most Retweeted Oscar Selfie Sets the Social Sphere Ablaze

By: Sofie De Beule

March 3, 2014

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ellen degeneres
galaxy S5

What happens when you combine selfies, a massive influencer like Ellen DeGeneres, a pack of ridiculously famous celebrities, a highly sponsored media event, and a huge brand like Samsung? That’s right, you get the most retweeted post EVER!

It doesn’t even matter if the selfie itself is slightly off-center and out of focus. People just can’t get enough, and the buzz surrounding the “tweet heard around the world” has reached astronomical proportions! The tweet even ‘broke Twitter’ for a while as the site crashed because of all the traffic from Ellen’s picture.

Ellen Degeneres’ spur of the moment selfie is now a striking record-holder in Twitter stardom with more than 2 million retweets. Clearly a big win for Samsung, the sponsor of the event. President Obama’s 2012 election victory tweet, with more than 780,000 retweets, is now second in line.

In as little as half an hour, the celebrity powered tweet skyrocketed to around 800,000 retweets, which speaks volumes about social’s power in ‘capturing the moment‘. The large audience watching from home, with smartphones and tablets glued to their hands, couldn’t feel more connected to the exciting and glamorous Oscars atmosphere.

Samsung went for broke in an effort to get all eyes on their newest “OneSamsung” brand campaign, and Ellen’s outrageously successful tweet was their ace in the hole. What a “lucky coincidence” that Samsung will be announcing several new products such as the Galaxy S5 smartphone and the Galaxy Gear 2 smartwatch just a few days from now!