Eneco’s Promising Take-Off on Social Media (Case Study)

By: Lien Brusselmans

November 28, 2013

case study
energy company
social media
use case

Eneco is a Dutch energy company that began Belgian operations in 2003. Today the company has almost 200,000 customers and a large fan base on social media. The Eneco Tour, a seven-day cycling tour with Eneco as license holder, initially helped them build their brand in cycling-loving Belgium.

Eneco’s core value is sustainability and it can be felt in everything they do. Eneco’s conversation manager started in April 2013 and immediately focused on coming up with a good strategy. Given she previously worked in the Marketing and PR department, she already knew Eneco inside out. Together with the renowned social media advisor Steven Van Belleghem, they began building a precisely tailored social media strategy with at its core: the Eneco’s online community ‘Samen Eco’ (Eco Together). Eneco shares content with its customers in this community and invites them to join in the conversation, thus building sustainable customer relationships.

Good idea! Eneco also asks its employees to sign in to its community. This way they can participate in the conversations and help customers whenever possible. Sustainable customer relationships work best when the entire company is involved.

Of course Eneco not only uses social media to share content and build a community. Customer service is a very important part of any energy company and it is no different at Eneco. Offering customer support via social media does not mean however that Eneco neglects its other channels. They feel it’s important not to suffer from the so-called ‘channel schizophrenia’. Customers should receive the same quality of service via all available channels: social media, telephone, e-mail or via a good old-fashioned letter. This enables people to choose the channel they prefer and are not forced to use social media because they find the telephone or post frustrating or slow.

Eneco is a dynamic company where things move fast. This is an essential characteristic if you want to use social media successfully. Though Eneco is only just settling into the world of social media, their customers already know where to find them. A very promising start indeed!