Engagor Adds Spanish, French and German Sentiment Analysis

By: Lien Brusselmans

September 6, 2013

automatic sentiment
automatic sentiment detection

Automatic sentiment analysis has always been a delicate subject matter in the world of social media analytics. Brands require their social media management tool to offer this feature, but its quality can vary greatly. That is why we hired a data scientist: to optimize the quality and accuracy of our automatic sentiment detection and add new languages to its scope.

We are happy to say we now offer automatic sentiment detection for three additional languages: Spanish, French and German. We already determined sentiment automatically for English, Dutch and Greek, which makes Engagor one of the only social media management tools offering automatic sentiment detection for so many languages.


We have also optimized our automatic sentiment detection, now reaching an accuracy of 75 percent, which equals human consensus on sentiment. If you ask several people to determine sentiment for 100 chunks of text, they will only agree in about 75 of the cases.

If you want to learn more on how exactly Engagor automatically determines sentiment, have a look at the support article. If your brand is frequently mentioned in one of the languages our automatic sentiment detection supports, give Engagor a try. It’s totally free for 14 days!

Update November 6th 2013: Engagor adds Portuguese to the automatic sentiment detection list!
Update January 6th 2014: Engagor now also detects automatic sentiment for Turkish!