Engagor Built-in Chat Optimizes Internal Communication

By: Lien Brusselmans

September 24, 2013

Addicted to Facebook and Skype chat or still mourning over the loss of MSN Messenger? Chatting shouldn’t be restricted to your spare time and friends. Communication is essential for human beings but also for brands and enterprises. Engagor makes it possible to chat with your colleagues whenever you want! The reason is obvious: internal communication is essential, yet often neglected in larger companies. Engagor now offers a built-in Chat to enable social media teams to communicate efficiently in real-time. Being in close contact with the other Engagor users, Customer Service agents and Community Managers will be able to offer faster and more valuable responses to customers.


Engagor users can chat in one-on-one conversations or discuss issues with several people in the chat rooms. Once you @mention someone that isn’t involved yet, this user gets a notification. Social media teams can then easily collaborate on Customer Service issues and quickly share information across departments. If a difficult issue arises, Customer Service agents can discuss it with their team leader to come up with an appropriate and satisfying response. If there will be a company announcement, PR can brief Customer Service agents or Community Managers to streamline the process of incoming media requests.

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The Engagor Chat will simplify internal communication and consequently optimize external communication. In other words: the Engagor Chat will optimize your brand’s customer engagement. Want to give this new feature a try? No problem, just set up a free trial and you can start chatting with your colleagues for 2 weeks! More information on the built-in Chat can be found in the support article.