Engagor Day at the Castle: the Analysis

By: Lien Brusselmans

October 1, 2013

I like planning. This way I avoid panicking whenever a deadline approaches, whether it was in college for a dissertation or for an event like the Engagor Day. It also allowed me to stroll around Park van Beervelde the day before, feeling like I belonged there and imagining my servant was preparing the premises for a big banquet with some noble friends. Instead of a banquet I was there to prepare the Engagor Day,  our user/partner event we hosted for the second time on September 26th. The noble friends were our highly valued users and partners and my “servant” was actually a great colleague helping me out with the final preparations. When all was set, I took off in my Peugeot carriage and let the nerves take over. Nerves of excitement!

The day itself everything went smoothly, except maybe for the notorious microphone incident. Although this had its benefits as well: presentations started off in a relaxed atmosphere and the buzz was great, which is of course important for a tool like Engagor ;). A detailed report on the presentations (use cases about customer engagement and social analytics) will be sent to all of our newsletter subscribers through mail and spread via our social channels.

In the very last presentation Sofie Verhalle and Mich Verbeeck from Talking Heads gave an insightful presentation on analytics and reporting, which is still a tough call for many brands. One of their focus points was measuring both quantitative and qualitative data, and to set the example, here’s our own analysis of the Engagor Day social buzz!

Some numbers

On this second edition of the Engagor Day we had the honor of welcoming 154 guests. 61 of them checked in on Foursquare. In total there were 817 posts about our user/partner event, 694 on the day itself and 87% of these were tweets. Thanks to all your retweets, we reached a total of 838,432 Twitter users!


We appeared to have a very digital crowd attending the Engagor Day, that like their social media ;). They even earned us a spot in the top 10 trending topics on Twitter in Belgium! Thank you very much for that!

From the 709 tweets, there were a few that stood out based on the amount of replies and retweets they generated. The most popular tweet was posted by Sara Jane Deputter from the Federal Public Service of Economy: “People that are proud of their brand and share that passion on #socialmedia, those are your best ambassadors.”

Engagor users: the best possible influencers!

Not only did she post the most popular tweet, in general Sara Jane was also the person that was most retweeted with her posts about the Engagor Day! The fact that she’s also the top poster might have something to do with this, but still: what an influencer! Other influencers popping up are our very own CEO Folke Lemaitre, Clo Willaerts, Sofie Verhalle, Lieve Walravens and more.

To conclude, we were very pleased with the second edition of the Engagor Day. Based on all the feedback we got on social media and in real life, we know people enjoyed it. On to the third Engagor Day!