Engagor Expands Data Coverage: More News, Forums and Blogs

By: Lien Brusselmans

April 16, 2013

big-dataWe have integrated a new data provider in Engagor: Trendiction! This means we are now covering even more data sources. Trendiction is similar to Moreover, the data provider we were already working with. Both cover sources like news sites, forums and blogs but reinforce each other. This way our source list is instantly bigger and growing more rapidly since both data providers are continually adding new sources. Our third data provider, Omgili, is focused on forums. The combination of these three providers makes our data coverage even completer!

Engagor monitoring: via a keyword search and monitored profiles

Engagor monitors in two ways: via a keyword search and via monitored profiles. If you set up an Engagor topic (to monitor your brand, competitors, industry, etc.) you can:

  1. Add a keyword search (define keywords, exclude keywords, filter on country and language, etc.) based on which Engagor is going to monitor all data sources at its disposal. For most of the social networks, we can directly access them via their API. For news sites, forums, blogs and other sources we use our data providers: Moreover, Omgili and our latest addition: Trendiction. We search their data based on the keyword searches our users insert into Engagor.
  2. Add monitored social profiles. This means you connect Twitter profiles, Facebook pages, Youtube channels and more to track all activity on those profiles. We process all messages and extract analytics to enable our users to report on their social media activity.

Trendiction: news and social media crawling

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 10.15.35Trendiction crawls millions of European news and social media sources to gather data that can be used by monitoring and analytics tools like ourselves. They identify all the relevant pieces of information that we also offer in Engagor: publish date, author, title, content, language, country, etc.

You might not immediately notice a difference in your Engagor results but they will definitely be completer! If you come across a source we aren’t monitoring yet, feel free to get in touch. We can then check whether or not this is already part of our data coverage and if not, have it added.