Engagor expands its worldwide reach with the Moreover Metabase

By: Lien Brusselmans

September 14, 2012

social media monitoring

Since a couple of weeks, Engagor is searching even more data sources than it already did. Thanks to our cooperation with Moreover Technologies, we’re now monitoring a whole lot more websites.

Video sharing sites

Is your brand being mentioned in a popular video’s description or comments on one of the many video sharing sites, like Youtube or Vimeo, Engagor will be in the know!

Photo sharing sites

You’re monitoring your own industry and want to gather as much photo material as possible? We are now also tracking photo sharing sites, such as Flickr and Twitpic.


Through Engagor you can now keep track of all wiki content in which your brand is mentioned. Want some more information on wikis? Check the most famous wiki, the online encyclopedia Wikipedia!

Review sites

For all the retailers or hotels out there, review sites are a very important source of information. People who’re deciding on buying one of your products or staying in your hotel, will very often check some reviews first. Typical review sites are Tripadvisor and Glassdoor. It’s wise to keep an eye on the reviews out there and Engagor can now help you with that.

Q&A sites

People might not always address you directly when they have a question. Nevertheless, if they post it on Q&A sites, you’ll still be able to provide them with an answer because from now on Engagor als searches Q&A sites, like LinkedIn Answers or Yahoo! Answers.

Also check out our use case on the Moreover website. We’re looking forward to continuing this fruitful relationship!