Engagor Integrates Social Media in Existing CRM and Customer Service

By: Lien Brusselmans

November 13, 2013

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salesforce integration
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Brands that start using social media for Customer Service, Sales, Marketing or other ‘engaging’ activities, are familiar with this challenge. When you interact with a social user, you want to know all about him/her. All previous conversations and social information can easily be accessed in a social media management tool but chances are you already know this person via other channels as well. Maybe (s)he is already a customer? Maybe (s)he has already shown interest in your products?

In other words: it would be awesome to have all information on a social user within one and the same tool. Thanks to Engagor that is now possible! As of today Engagor integrates with Salesforce (CRM), Desk and Zendesk, both Customer Service tools.

Now what is this integration all about and why will it be such a blessing for social media agents?

How the integrations work

Thanks to these integrations, Engagor users will be able to:

  • Link a social user with a Salesforce/Desk or Zendesk customer or create a new one
  • Create a Salesforce task/Desk case/Zendesk ticket based on a tweet, Facebook post or whatever social message you want
  • Follow up on all open/pending/closed Salesforce tasks/Desks cases/Zendesk tickets

Outstanding Customer Service thanks to complete background on social users

When someone asks a question on Twitter, social media agents can check whether this person is already known to them in their Salesforce account. If so, they can access all information they already have. Also, they can check in Desk or Zendesk whether there are any pending cases or tickets. All this background information helps to give the best possible service.

Smooth social Sales process thanks to link with “traditional” CRM

The same goes for other departments like Sales. Sales people are very much attached to their CRM tool because it holds all the information they need. When doing sales on social media, this information is extremely valuable. If, for example, an electronics company comes across a tweet “Damn, dropped my phone and it’s dead:'( Any tips to buy a new one?”, they can easily consult Salesforce to see whether this person is already a customer with them. If so, they can see which product (s)he has already bought and based on this information make a suggestion for a new phone. The perfect service and a great sales opportunity!

Thanks to the Salesforce, Desk and Zendesk Engagor unifies the existing Sales and Customer Service processes with the social media flow.

The three integrations are available for all Professional and Enterprise Engagor accounts. A detailed description of how these new integrations work, can be found in the support articles: Desk, Zendesk and Salesforce.

Would you like to give these integrations a try? Set up your free trial account!