Engagor Integrates Tripadvisor and Mixcloud

By: Lien Brusselmans

March 22, 2013

We have just added two new social networks to the list of integrations: Tripadvisor and Mixcloud! You can now connect Tripadvisor points of interest to your Engagor account as well as Mixcloud profiles to monitor all activity and access detailed analytics.

Screen Shot 2013-03-22 at 14.58.30

Tripadvisor: review alerts and analytics

Tripadvisor is a travel website that gathers travel information and reviews. If you run a hotel or restaurant you should keep an eye on Tripadvisor because it’s widely used when people are planning a trip. It is not good for business if you have very little reviews or all of them are negative. Thanks to Engagor you can receive email alerts every time there is a new review (with the Automation feature). The analytics we offer for Tripadvisor points of interest include reviews per score (excellent to terrible), reviews per trip type (family, couple, etc.) and the top reviews that people found most helpful.

Screen Shot 2013-03-22 at 14.40.56

Mixcloud: track top cloudcasts

Mixcloud is an online music streaming service used for the distribution of podcasts, DJ mixes and radio shows that are crowdsourced by its users. We track all new cloudcasts and offer usage analytics. You can track KPI’s like follower growth, top users and top posts.

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