Engagor Integrates Tumblr: Analytics and Management!

By: Lien Brusselmans

October 22, 2013

analyze tumblr
manage tumblr

Tumblr is the latest addition in Engagor’s list of social profile integrations, which is very good news for al the Marketing and Community Manager out there! For those not really familiar with Tumblr, it’s a microblogging platform people and brands use to blog. Or better said: that a LOT of people and brands use to blog. Currently Tumblr is hosting over 139 million blogs! As with many social platforms, it was first used by individuals but gradually brands as well started discovering the possibilities.

Tumblr for brands?

Brands that have a Tumblr blog use it mainly to share visual content and give their brand a face and identity. Posts are typically light-hearted and their blogs are fun to follow.

If your brand also has a Tumblr blog or if you would like to start one, we can reassure you managing it won’t be much of a burden if you have an Engagor account! Just like you can manage Twitter, Facebook and several other social platforms, you can now post directly to your Tumblr blog from within Engagor! You can post text, links and photos and easily track the success of these posts in the Engagor Insights. Which posts generated most likes and reblogs? Who are the users that are most actively interacting with your content? You can also connect your competitors’ blogs to find out what type of content they are sharing and what works best for them! Keeping your eyes and ears open is always a good idea if you want to optimize your own content marketing. More information can be found in our detailed support articles: Tumblr management & Tumblr analytics.

If you’re not yet using Engagor, you can also give the Tumblr integration a try! Just sign up for a free 14-day trial and you are ready to go!