Engagor Introduces Personalized Social Media Inbox

By: Lien Brusselmans

October 8, 2013

Social media engagement
social media inbox

Different departments have different needs

When was the last time you changed the topic in your Engagor Inbox? I haven’t changed it for several months, since I only work on the messages about our own brand in the Inbox. Chances are high that you do exactly the same. Engagor is a very comprehensive tool that can be used for many purposes. You typically set up a topic for your own brand, topics to monitor your competitors and maybe some for research. The topic about your brand is, again “typically”, the one you use in the Inbox, whereas the other topics are most useful in the Insights if you want to analyze, compare and report.

Personalized Mailboxes and Smart Folders

The way in which our customers are using Engagor and more specifically the Inbox, got us thinking. In the sidebar on the left, you had different folders and each user or department has their own preferences as to which folders they use. That is why we decided to let our users decide which folders they want to see in the sidebar. And this is where the Personalized Mailbox and Smart Folders come in.

From now on, each team or department using Engagor will be able to set up their own Personalized Mailbox. They can activate the default folders that they need within this Mailbox (inbox, outbox, private messages, etc.), optionally already filtered, and add Smart Folders. These Smart Folders contain precisely the mentions you want them to contain. You only have to say which topic(s) they have to come from and activate a filter. As you know, the Engagor filter is extremely strong and thus the Smart Folder possibilities are endless.

An example: the Customer Service Mailbox and Smart Folders

For example, Customer Service can set up a Mailbox that contains only the mentions they have to follow up on. They don’t want to see likes, check-ins or retweets, so they can just exclude these. This doesn’t mean Engagor doesn’t monitor these types of mentions. They are monitored and part of the data that is used to calculate analytics, but they are just not visible in the Customer Service Mailbox. Customer Service will also be able to set up Smart Folders for all open, pending and resolved cases or for the specific subjects people ask questions about. Everything is possible.

More efficient social media usage throughout the company

In the same way Sales, Marketing, PR and all other company departments can set up a Mailbox of their own and structure all messages in folders. With the Personalized Mailboxes and Smart Folders, Engagor users will only see the mentions they want to see. Their workflow will become simpler and more fitted to their specific needs. People engaging with the brand will receive a quicker and more effective response. This social media inbox reformation will no doubt further optimize your brand’s social media engagement.

Click through to find more information on the Personalized Mailbox and Smart Folders and how they differ from the old Inbox.

Not yet using Engagor but dying to give this new feature a try? No problem: set up a free 14-day trial and start testing! If you need any help, our support ninjas are ready for you!