Engagor is Hiring: A Talk With the Marketing Team

By: Cameron Joye

April 25, 2014

This article originally appeared on Bloovi. We wanted to share it with everyone because we feel it perfectly describes what defines us as a company. But more importantly, this is a great opportunity to tell you we are hiring! If we have piqued your interest in this article, be sure to check out ourJobs Page!

Engagor is bursting at the seams, and for that reason, the startup from Gent is urgently looking for new talent in Belgium and abroad. But why would you want to work for Engagor? We asked Marketing Manager Lien Brusselmans and Director of Marketing Kris Decoodt a few questions about the office culture, the future, and which professional profiles they are looking for, both in the US and in Europe.

Hello Lien and Kris! Could you guys explains what it is exactly you do at Engagor?

Kris: I’m Director of Marketing at Engagor, which basically means I’m responsible for all marketing and communication. I previously worked in the advertising world followed by four years at Microsoft where I gained operational experience in team management and social planning which I can implement at Engagor.

In a year’s time our growth has doubled and it continues at a rapid pace. Engagor is growing so much that it’s bursting at the seams in need of further structuring upon an already solid foundation.

It’s now time for clear agreements regarding communication, both internally and externally, in order to facilitate this expansion as efficiently as possible.

Social is the essence of our DNA. We don’t just communicate about ourselves, we mainly help our clients to better communicate. Therefore, my tasks are quite extensive which makes the job overall really fascinating.

A large part of my job revolves around the creation of an insightful inbound marketing strategy. This means you really and truly focus on content relevant to your target audience, which encourages prospects to engage in dialogue with you. Less push, more engagement.

Our entire approach is built around this both in terms of attracting new customers and strengthening our current relationships. Social is obviously an essential part of “practicing what we preach“. Next to Lien, who is responsible for a great deal of coordination and events on her part, we have hired two “power women” with a full-time focus on content curation and community management.

Lien: I’m marketing manager at Engagor and I’m always busy with many diverse tasks. I’m constantly looking for relevant events to sponsor, I coordinate content projects, and work together with Kris on our PR strategy. Plus, I’m organizing our third edition of Engagor Day: an event for all our users and partners to update them on our new developments (and in a young company, there are many) and to inspire people to improve their own social media activities through tangible social media success stories from our customers. For the first time, we’re organizing practical workshops on the use of Engagor in small groups. They’re already a great success!

What professional profiles is Engagor looking for?

Lien: At the moment, we focus heavily on expanding our Sales and Development teams, which is logical. Our user base is growing so quickly that people are constantly in touch for trial accounts and demos both in Belgium and internationally. And for this, we are obviously in great need of Account Executives.

If you really want to stand out, you must continue to grow rapidly, and for that, we obviously need the help of the best sales people.

Kris: We are at a breaking point. Engagor does very well worldwide, but in order to really to stand out, you must continue to grow rapidly in this extremely competitive market. Therefore, we need help from very experienced sales people and preferably those with a special passion for digital and social media with experience being most important.

We are also on the lookout for developers to ensure that Engagor continues to be the best platform.

Lien: We’re also looking for new developers, so Engagor can continue to be the best product out there. As everyone knows, social media is a rapidly evolving industry. If you offer businesses a tool to monitor their social media activities, you obviously have to be constantly aware of all new industry trends and developments, which consequently involves a great deal of our time is spent on product development. What is fascinating about Engagor is that developers (both juniors and seniors) are constantly thinking along and building new features our customers can actively use.

Kris: What we need are unique individuals with the rare ability to create complex solutions and manage to translate them into user-friendly applications.

What sorts of criteria should an Engagor applicant meet?

Kris: You have to be willing to take a leap and give 100%, and that’s only possible if you fully grasp how social has completely altered the way we communicate. Social bussineses should continually review their entire strategy and we want to help businesses grow in this respect. If you see these qualities in yourself, then you should definitely come work for us!

Engagor applicants must be able to learn quickly and easily handle new tools and technology.

Lien: A big requirement to come work for us is that you’re able to learn quickly and can easily handle new tools and technology. You shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with the Engagor platform to get to know the ins and outs of our product. I myself don’t have a tech background and have already learned a great deal. It’s fair to say Engagor really contributes to your self-actualization.

How would you describe the work culture at Engagor?

Lien: Young and energetic! Our team is quite young with many 20 and 30 year olds which you obviously notice in the atmosphere.

Kris: We’re all fascinated in different manners with technology, communication, and more specifically, social. Everyone is always up to date on everything, and Folke Lemaitre, our CEO is naturally ahead of us all. You can never tell him anything new! Engagor is also very flat in terms of corporate culture, which means that anyone is welcome to up with ideas which makes everyone partly responsible in some way for the evolution of the company.

Engagor is very flat in terms of corporate culture. Everyone is welcome to present new ideas, which gives every person a sense of responsibility.

What makes working at Engagor so special?

Kris: I only started just recently at Engagor, but what I find really fascinating is how fast everything moves forward. Decisions are made, everyone is flexible, and after a few days you see all the results. This process is incredibly motivating! The humor and strong creativity from the entire team also contributes to the really amazing group dynamic.

A lot of things are happening at Engagor. Two years ago we were a team of 4, and now number more than 30.

Lien: At the moment, a lot of things are going on at Engagor. When I started two years ago, we were a team of 4 people. We were a genuine startup, and I did a little bit of everything. I gave sales demos, took care of customer support via email and chat, was responsible for content, and then marketing gradually began to take shape.

At this moment we number 30 people, and separate departments are really starting to take shape and become more well-defined. It’s a big challenge but also a great deal of fun to contribute to the structure of Engagor. You feel that there’s a lot that’s still going to change, and it’s really exciting to be so close to the action. I’m very curious to see where we will be in two years time!

People with big dreams will feel right at home at Engagor.

You guys opened an office in San Francisco. Are there also possibilities for international candidates?

Kris: Definitely. Engagor is already doing very well in Belgium, so we’re currently looking to grow particularly in other countries and traveling is a big part of that. Our CEO, Folke, will be moving soon to San Francisco partly because the US is currently our strongest growth market. We are initially looking for local sales talent there, but anyone with big dreams is always welcome at Engagor.

Interested in working for Engagor in the US or in Europe? Don’t hesitate to check our job openings!