Engagor launches Real-time Team Updates to optimize your online Customer Service

By: Lien Brusselmans

November 15, 2012

Today we have launched some changes that will facilitate your online Customer Service. Here’s what we changed/added and why this is beneficial to your social media engagement.

1. Real-time Team Updates

Working with several people in one tool with the same goal (offering excellent customer service) can sometimes lead to confusion as to which mentions (tweets, Facebook posts, etc.) are already being handled and which are not. By marking mentions as done (ticking them off) you already solve part of this problem. However: what if you and your colleague see a tweet in Engagor at the very same time and you both start handling it at the very same time? Chances are you’ll both send out a reply and the customer will receive two responses. We’ve now included Real-time Team Updates to prevent this from happening. The moment you start handling a mention (responding to it, tagging it, assigning it, etc.) this will be indicated in the bottom right corner of that mention, so all of your colleagues can immediately see it. Give it a try, it’s pretty cool :).

2. New Publisher

Now that you are always in the know of which mentions are being handled (with the Real-time Team Updates) you can start handling mentions yourself! We’ve made some changes to the Publisher (that you use to post new content or reply to tweets/Facebook posts) that basically simplify its usage. All the basic features are clearly visible, and if you need a more advanced option (like scheduling a post or targeting on country/language), you can just click the buttons at the bottom left corner of the Publisher. More information on the new Publisher can be found in this support article.

3. Sort your Inbox as you wish

The final change we want to share with you, is a new button we added to the Inbox: the Sorting Button. By default the Inbox is sorted from newest mentions to oldest mentions, similar to an email inbox. However, if you use the Inbox for Customer Service and you want to handle mentions chronologically, you want to see the oldest mentions on top. Thanks to the Sorting Button, that is now possible. You can also sort the Inbox on Followers (mentions by user with most followers on top) or Source Rank (mentions from news sites/blogs with a high page rank – based on authority and popularity – on top).

In the coming weeks, we’ll share some more insights with you on these changes and additions. We hope they help improve and smoothen your online Customer Service. Stay tuned and enjoy the new features!