Engagor Monitors Vimeo And Offers Comparative Analysis With Youtube

By: Lien Brusselmans

May 24, 2013

You might (or might not) be aware that Youtube is not the only social video site out there. Vimeo is a very worthy alternative. Both sites allow users to upload and distribute their videos. There are however some differences. Vimeo looks cleaner and more streamlined: the video you’re watching is really the center of attention. Youtube on the other hand shows more ads and recommended videos but it reaches a larger audience. Two similar sites, yet very different at the same time. It’s up to the brands to decide which social video site they want to be present on and, in case they choose both, which type of content to post where.

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Vimeo versus Youtube

Both Youtube and Vimeo are used by brands to share fun and interesting video content with their audience. A couple of months ago Engagor already integrated Youtube and thanks to the Vimeo integration, brands can now easily compare their video channels on both platforms. Which type of video content works best on which platform? Where is my brand gathering most followers, most comments, most likes?

Vimeo analytics

The Vimeo analytics Engagor offers are varied. In the Insights you find the traditional analytics like follower growth, Applause and Engagement rate and top stories/users. Thanks to these standard analytics, you can compare Youtube and Vimeo channels in the blink of an eye. There are of course several extra analytics especially designed for Vimeo: number of times you appear in other videos, album growth, group growth and channel growth. All these analytics and comparisons can be exported into reports you can receive automatically in your email inbox.

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Vimeo management

Apart from analyzing Vimeo channels you can also use Engagor to manage them. All videos, comments and likes from the channels you are monitoring land in your Engagor Inbox. You can like or comment on videos or other comments on both your own and other people’s Vimeo channels. Engagor also allows you to moderate your own channels and delete comments on your videos if required.

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Just looking at the list of social profiles you can link to you Engagor topics makes it very clear: there are so many social networks out there! Obviously not all brands are present on all of these social platforms. However, since Engagor has a very broad range of users we want to offer as many integrations as possible, to meet the needs of all our users.