Engagor, Now A Part of Clarabridge

By: Folke Lemaitre

May 21, 2015

In 2011, we started Engagor with the mission to empower the voice of the customer and streamline the way brands engage with customers through social media. Today, we are proud that hundreds of companies across the globe use Engagor to listen to and effectively engage with their customers on social media.

Beyond social media, there are many other places online where customers voice their opinions. Sources like surveys, emails, blogs, forums, call centers, etc., all contain valuable feedback from your customers. This information is invaluable for those companies that truly put their customers at the center of how they do business. Because of this, we’ve decided to pursue the next step and take a huge leap forward for the future of Engagor.

We are extremely excited to announce that Engagor is now part of Clarabridge, the worldwide leader in customer experience management solutions. The heart of Clarabridge’s solutions is the unique technology that allows businesses to listen to, analyze, operationalize and measure customer feedback from multiple sources (e.g. surveys, emails, blogs, forums, and so forth).

When paired with the vision and technology of Clarabridge, Engagor’s product offering will grow in power and capabilities, and the voice of the customer will become even more influential. Our users will have more tools and insights at their disposal than ever before to build the loyal customer base they want.

While we will very soon have the first integrations between both platforms to share with you, Engagor will remain available as a standalone product for both existing and new customers.

Together, with the CEO of Clarabridge, Sid Banerjee, I will be hosting a series of webinars exclusively for Engagor users to provide a more in-depth explanation on this acquisition. Check your email for additional details.

The entire Engagor team is truly looking forward to this exciting, new chapter and will remain as dedicated as ever to offering the best platform possible to help your company better serve its customers. To learn more, have a look at the press release.


Folke Lemaitre
CEO & Founder of Engagor