Engagor supports ‘The Social Traveler’

By: Dimitri Callens

June 7, 2012

“This is probably the hardest challenge I got up until today but I’m very excited on tackling it. I’ll start alone on a tandem bike in Kuala Lumpur and will cycle all the way to Hong Kong. I’m gonna try on doing the whole trajectory of more than 5000 km in 3 months. During my journey I’ll visit and help 5 small local charities in the 5 different countries I’m crossing on my trajectory.”

This is the first thing you read when visiting www.thesocialtraveler.net . We thought: “Awesome.” And so, we decided on supporting this good cause in the blink of an eye.

Bjorn is cycling his trajectory with a tandem bike, and picks up people on his way. He reports about his adventures with the help of different social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagr.am – and his posts are great to see and read. Lots of adventures, interesting people and beautiful sights. As he says himself: “I try to encourage people to be more social, not just online but also in real life. To talk, smile to the people around them more. Random talks with new people hold the amazing opportunity of friendship & love ;-)”

Good luck Bjorn, we’ll keep following you.