Engagor tracks social buzz on Bal du Zoute

By: Lien Brusselmans

July 16, 2012

It doesn’t matter whether you often share content on social media or not, during big events it’s always nice to know what’s happening online. That’s why we’ve developed the Engagor Event Dashboard that displays the most recent tweets, check-ins, Facebook posts, etc. That’s the obvious part, which you’ve probably already seen on other events as well.

The Engagor Event Dashboard, however, shows you much more: which photos and videos are being shared? Who has most succes with what (s)he says about the event, who is being mentioned most often and who are the top posters? What are the top conversations, trending topics and top hashtags?

For example, this is what the Engagor Event Dashboard for the Olympics, London 2012, could look like:

We’ve already projected the Engagor Event Dashboard on a couple of conferences, but in August we’re partnering with an entirely different event: Bal du Zoute! Bal du Zoute is an exclusive ball in Knokke (at the Belgian coast) that wants to blow visitors’ minds. Fire- and skyshows, fashion shows, lots of celebrities, body painting, dozens of performances, the largest chocolate fountain in Europe… It’s all there. In a cooperation with Notion Technologies, a fusion marketing agency from Lochristi (near Ghent), Bal du Zoute has invested in social media to trigger and inform the party-people!

The Engagor Event Dashboard will keep the audience informed of all the online buzz. Want your tweet, photo or Facebook post displayed everywhere throughout the ball? Share it, mention the event (#balduzoute is the official hashtag) and it will be shown. Want to be on there all evening? The most popular users, tweets, photos and videos are repeated all night long, so make sure your content is exclusive and creative. See you there!