Essential Social Media New Year’s Resolutions Every Company Should Make

By: Sofie De Beule

January 3, 2014

At the beginning of 2014, social media managers are eager to hit the refresh button and set new rules for the next year in social media. But, be sure not to lose track of the social media essentials that are truly important to your brand. Your brand’s social media list of New Year’s resolutions should be as concise and to-the-point as possible. Catering to the needs of your audience is the number one objective.

Here are 5 ‘must have’ focal points to mark your list that will aspire your brand to build an even greater online presence in 2014:

1. Engage, engage, engage!

Social media is all about being social, right? Therefore, social media managers should dedicate most of their time to creating those actual social interactions and start real conversations. Show off your awesome personality and encourage your social media team to create more useful content for your audience to share.

2. Find your best social media fit & prioritize

Having an engaging presence on the most important social media sites is key to any social media marketing strategy, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ (yes, even Google+) have to cover most of your social media efforts. However, it’s important to devote the majority of your time to the networks that drive the most traffic to your business. Find out where your traffic comes from, and establish an engaging online presence on all of these touch points.

However, don’t get too caught up in your secret social media formula. Reinvent your social media strategy from time to time by widening your options.

3. Experiment with new social media platforms

As your social media team is always on the lookout for new and exciting social media sites, dedicate the necessary time to try out ‘the new platforms on the block’. Brands often fall into the trap of using only 2 or 3 social networks. Exposure to new exciting tools demonstrates companies are up-to-date and eager to step outside of their comfort zone.

As a tip for any brand, if you haven’t mastered Vine or Instagram’s video feature yet, 2014 is the time to dig into it. Forbes predicts that compelling short videos will be as important as a brand’s 140 character message.

4. See the bigger – visual – picture

Photos, videos, infographics, etc.:  no matter what type of visual content you can think of, try including as much of it as possible on all of your social media platforms. While 2013’s social media content shifted towards visual, a brand’s ultimate focus is on visual content in 2014.

In case your brand didn’t get on board already, why not use 2014 to dedicate your social media efforts to visualizing your brand’s story to the fullest? In the coming year, all types of businesses will increase the adoption of visual-based social networks such as Pinterest, Instagram, and Slideshare.

5. Enrich your audience with even greater content

No matter what kind of great content (like tweets, blog posts, or newsletters) your company wants to spread in 2014: make it count! Write and compose content that instantly enriche people’s life.

Nonetheless, challenge yourself to make 2014 a year to truly find value in social media and exploit the benefits as much as possible. Whether this means generating leads, recruiting new members to the team, simply getting your name out there, etc. Pin down your goals and make an effort to follow through on them. It will be incredibly rewarding!