Every 0,812 seconds “Kony2012” pops up online

By: Lien Brusselmans

March 9, 2012

Kony 2012? If you haven’t heard about this campaign by now, you’ve probably lived without computer, television or radio for a couple of days. “Kony 2012” is everywhere. Yesterday Engagor started monitoring the campaign through a very straightforward set of keywords and by connecting the campaign’s Twitter and Facebook account to this topic. One thing has sure become clear: all around the world people are continuously talking about it.

But what is this all about? On Monday March 5th nonprofit organization Invisible Children launched a 30-minute documentary video calling for the arrest of Ugandan rebel leader Joseph Kony. In four days’ time the video went viral, thus making it a very interesting case to start monitoring with Engagor.

Here are some interesting facts we found out about:

  • Every 812 milliseconds someone mentions the campaign in a tweet, retweet, Facebook post, blog post, forum post or news article.
  • Invisible Children already tweeted about “Kony 2012” 214 times, reaching almost 11 million people. Souljaboy, an American rapper, only needed 20 tweets to reach an audience of over 68 million! That’s ten times less tweets to reach six times as many listeners.
  • Stars were encouraged by their fans to help spread the message. And that’s what they did. Engagor shows us Zayn Malik (member of the UK band One Direction), Yung Chow (American rapper), Rihanna and P Diddy are the most popular Twitter accounts (most retweeted) in this campaign.

  • Apart from the Twitter/Facebook accounts receiving most retweets/likes, Engagor also monitors which accounts are most often mentioned/commented on with regard to their tweets/posts about the topic. In this case, the Youtube Twitter account is in pole position, followed closely by Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and Oprah.

Will this be the first in many campaigns that goes viral in only a few days’ time? If so, Engagor will be there to provide you with some interesting background information about it. Start your own Engagor account today!