Facebook beats Google+ big time

By: Lien Brusselmans

February 29, 2012

Google+ isn’t really succeeding in catching up with the big boys in the social media landscape. Although the omnipresence of Google+ in all of Google’s products has caused a vast increase in users – 90 million according to chief executive Larry Page – this hasn’t really paid of in terms of usage. ComScore did some research and found out that there’s a huge difference in the average time users spend on Facebook versus Google+. The Wall Street Journal put the numbers into a very plain infographic. While in January Facebook users spent almost 7 hours on Facebook and over one hour on Pinterest and Tumblr, they only used Google+ for 3 minutes…

According to Brian Solis, an analyst at social-media advisory firm Altimeter Group, people don’t feel the need for another social network right now.

Despite of that, people spent more and more time on Pinterest, which is a ‘fairly’ new social network as well. This is probably due to the fact that Pinterest, unlike Google+, doesn’t compete with Facebook because it clearly offers very different values. Thus both can exist in perfect harmony.

Not to worry for the Engagor users, we’ll keep supporting both Facebook and Google+!


Source: The Wall Street Journal / Infographic: The Wall Street Journal