Facebook Insights Become More Actionable

By: Lien Brusselmans

July 2, 2013

Facebook metrics become clearer and simpler


Analytics are an important part of what Engagor does. As such we have often experienced how unclear certain Facebook Insights are. Through Facebook’s API we can offer  a great deal of Facebook Insights in Engagor. Often our users ask us about the definition of this or that metric and sometimes we can only give them Facebook’s definition because it’s not very clear to us either. Good news however: Facebook is aware of this and working on it!

Overview of the changes

From June 19th onwards Facebook has started testing optimized metrics with a select group of page admins. The improvements affect the way Facebook organizes and reports fundamental metrics. Here’s an overview of the changes Facebook is implementing:

  • People Talking About This (PTAT). There has always been some vagueness as to which actions make up PTAT. From now on Facebook Insights will report separately on these actions: Page Likes, People Engaged (number of unique people that have clicked on, liked, shared or commented on your posts), Page Tags and Mentions, Page Checkins and other interactions on the page. This way page admins will know exactly what they’re measuring.
  • Virality. Many page admins use virality as a benchmark for Page post quality. However, this metric does not include post clicks and these are also an important indicator of the posts’ quality. From now on, this metric will include post clicks and will therefore be renamed ‘engagement rate’.
  • As you may or may not know, quality posts on Facebook are rewarded with a greater reach. Facebook gauges post quality by looking at the relationship between positive (likes, comments, shares and clicks) and negative interactions (hide post, hide all posts, report as spam, unlike page). At the moment Facebook Insights reports on posts’ performance, reach and engagement in three different places. From now on, all metrics will be combined on a score card per individual post! This way marketers can review positive and negative interactions at the same time and evaluate their content to post even more qualitative posts in the future!
  • Finally, Facebook will expand its demographics. For now demographics were shown for ‘people reached’ but soon this will also be the case for ‘people engaged’! These metrics include age, gender, country, city and language.

A select group of page admins is testing these modified metrics at this very moment. At the end of the Summer they will be implemented for everyone. They will not yet be available in the API third-party tools (like Engagor) use but as soon as they are, we will implement them in Engagor!

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